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This will take approximately 8-10 minutes to fill out.

Thank you for your interest in booking Spencer Kane for an event. The below form will expedite generating a proposal quote for having him perform. Unfortunately, we can not provide a general budget until we receive this form completely filled out. * indicates required info in order to submit form.

* Event Date Option 1:
* if only one date is possible, repeat it in option 2 and 3
* Event Date Option 2:
* Event Date Option 3:
* Your Name:
* Your Role in the Event:
* Your Email:
* Your Phone:
* Best time to reach you by phone:
* Venue Name:
* Venue Address:
* Venue City:
* Venue State:
* Estimated population in the COUNTY where the venue is located:
* Venue Primary Contact Name:

*not the event contact, but the building/facility contact
* Venue Primary Contact Email:
* Venue Primary Contact Phone:
* Venue Type:
* Venue seating capacity in the area where the event is held:
* If indoors...
Describe room/area including approximate square ft, ceiling height, stage dimensions, etc.:
If outdoors...
Will the stage area be covered or open sky?
How early can we access the venue the date of performance?
Does the venue have private dressing area / bathroom away from the public but accessible to the performance stage area? yes
Does the venue have a dedicated area outside the event performance room where merchandise can be displayed and sold before and after the performance? yes
Does the venue have external signage to promote the event? yes
* Does the venue have time use constraints and/or any specific noise ordinances or guidelines?
* if none, put "none"
* Event Leader Name:
* Event Leader Email:
* Event Leader Phone:
* Event Description
* as envisioned or as already defined, include title if there is one
* Event time length overall:
* Event Goals:
* what do you hope to achieve?
Event is: open to public
* Estimated attendance:
List any other likely artists/speakers/performers...  
before Spencer performs
after Spencer performs
* What is desired set length for Spencer:
Will the event provide full sound / lighting / and technical staff?
* if yes, briefly describe capabilities
Does the event plan to include overhead video screens? yes
* How many qualified security personnel will be on site?
Does the event have a minimum of 4-8 adults to assist with load-in/load-out and merchandise sales table? yes
If ticketed event, how much per person?
* if FREE, please ignore this
Is the event based on any other community or themed events?
* describe
Are there any other promoted concerts within 50 miles and 7 days of your planned event? yes
Check all promotion methods you will provide:
*Spencer Kane Music provides digital delivery of promotional fliers, posters, photos and video content free of charge. Spencer can also provide on-air interviews prior to the event if it will assist in promotion. Printing and distribution are up to the event promoter.
Direct mail
Social Media
Fliers / Posters
Outdoor Signage
Are there any sponsors besides your own organization involved? yes
If venue is not a private or public school, would you be willing to reach out to the schools in your area to ask if they'd host Spencer for a performance and positive message event during the day before, or immediately after your event? yes
If a school or church, what is your average attendance overall?
If a church, what is your average attendance of just the youth?
* What is the current approved talent budget proposal to have Spencer perform?
Will you be providing travel, hotel/housing and meal expense coverage for up to 3 adults? yes
Do you have/know any other organizations who'd be willing to join you in bringing in Spencer?
* describe
Do you know of any venues from 100-250 miles in any direction that may be willing to book Spencer before or after your event?
* describe
We realize some of the event planning may not be complete, but in order to provide an accurate quote, many of these questions would be asked by phone and need answered in order for us to create a performance proposed budget. This form is intended to expedite the process once we receive these details.
* The information I provided is accurate, but subject to change until a final agreement is reached between our event and Spencer Kane Music.